Commercializing Biotechnology one Molecule at a time

Axios Investments Corporation is a commercial and investment firm based in Montreal, Canada that recognizes emerging opportunities in the health science sector.  Well versed with the financial and regulatory regimes (FDA, Heath Canada and EU) for nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical products. Our company emphasizes evidence based value creation. A pipeline to all major global pharmaceutical players helps fast track worthy opportunities as well as affiliations with financing partners and a major clinical research organization to substantiate worth opportunities that bring synergies to key players in the health care sector.

An exemplary and experienced science and business team functions on the rationale of evaluating and preparing unique science opportunities for significant commercial results including acquisitions, mergers, strategic partnerships, licensing deals and significant financing rounds.
Based in Montreal – a hub of North American biotech activity – we thrive in a Canadian environment with unique funding and tax credit opportunities for companies seeking to pursue ongoing clinical studies, product development and business opportunities.


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